Slow Wines, Slow Winemaking

Our philosophies of small lot selection and hand management in vineyard and winery; use of native yeasts and enzymes; and slow maturation and natural cold stabilization in the second winter combine to extract every last bit of goodness that our ancient soils can provide. It takes time but the results are wines that have taste and texture, with a certain character that is not a style but an annual reflection of mother nature encouraged by gentle and patient hands.

Use of time does not stop at the end of the bottling process. We do not hurry wines into the market place. We know our wines continue to evolve in bottle and that each variety or selection, like children, develop at different paces. Grower and winemaker continue to monitor this evolution. We have a strong belief in honesty and integrity through to the market end point. We can do this best through personal contact at our Cellar Door; at market events and fairs; and at selected cafes, restaurants and bottle shops who we engage with and develop a knowing relationship. After all, good food and good wine are made for each other.

The modern world also demands use of modern communications. We continue to develop our abilities in this area, as we strongly recognize that use of social media, the internet and wine media professionals are vital pathways to keeping in touch with our friends and customers.

We now have a new home for our Cellar Door at 24 Victoria Street, Millthorpe. Millthorpe is a small historic village in the Central Ranges of New South Wales, that exudes old world style while providing wonderful accommodation, food, wine and hand crafted artisan products. It is a perfect home base for a small family company such as Slow Wine Co, that prides itself on use of time and natural processes to produce wines of character for enjoyment.