Our wines are make to reflect the cool, high elevation of our vineyard. We are lucky to have one of the best vineyard sites in the region and aim to show this in our wines.

Winemaker Will Rikard-Bell has a liked minded approach to this, with slow, natural, and minimal intervention winemaking practices.

Will Rikard-Bell
Will Rikard-Bell

We gently press our fruit to about 600-650 litres per tonne, into two separate components; free run juice and pressings. This gives us options for blending when we are looking to work on the finished wine.

We don’t rush any of our winemaking, with natural wild yeasts predominantly used in the winery. The use of oak is to complement the fruit without obscuring the vision of showcasing the site from which the wine is grown.

We use minimal sulphur dioxide in our winemaking, with the objective of protecting the fresh fruit flavours from oxidation prior to bottling. The wines are cold stabilised and settled naturally in stainless steel tanks over two of Orange’s cold winters. They are unfined and left to rest and mature over time prior to release.